Oxford Guide


1. Top 3, must-see tourist attractions in Oxford and why?

Ex. The Bodleian Library, because its architecture is beautiful and it is central to so much of the University's history.


2. Favorite pub in Oxford and why? *


3. Any other pub in Oxford you'd recommend?


4. Favorite cafe in Oxford and why? *


5. Any other cafe in Oxford that you'd recommend?


6. Favorite restaurants in Oxford and why?


7. Any other restaurant in Oxford that you'd recommend?


8. Night life! Top 3 places/clubs in town and why?


9. Top 3 Lincoln activities/traditions to experience before graduation and why?

Ex. Ascension day, The Christmas dinner, the Garden Party, Afternoon tea, Cheese and Wine, etc. *


10. Must-do typical Oxford experience/activity to experience before graduation and why?

Ex. Punting, rowing, afternoon tea, college balls, etc. *


11. Any other must-do typical Oxford experience/activity to experience you'd recommend?


Do you have a favorite hidden - or not so hidden - gem that you have stumbled upon in your time at Oxford? Do tell me a little about it! Interpret this as you will. Could be activities or places of various types. For me a gem hidden in plain sight was the board games cafe at Gloucester Square. *


12. Oxford is a wonderful place to study at in live in, but at times it can also present challenges, such as high amounts of stress and Seasonal Affetive Disorder (SAD). There is a multitude of resources in college and across campus to help, but sometimes it helps to have a list of activities and/or places recommended by other students. List one or a few (if applicable) places you have found to be helpful in coping with such challenges. They could be things like going to Afternoon Tea, grabbing a coffee with a trained peer councilor, hiding in a quiet corner of Waterstones for an afternoon, going to a particular cafe because there is a cozy atmosphere or a lot of sunlight there, etc. *


13. Any further suggestions/ comments?

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