Consultation on MPs’ remuneration

This consultation concerns MPs’ remuneration – that is, their pay, pensions and the payments they receive upon losing office. Before responding to this survey, we encourage you to read the full details of the proposals as outlined in the consultation document, which is available on our website:

We introduced a reformed package covering MPs’ remuneration in 2015. This was the first time that the question of MPs’ remuneration had been resolved by an independent body. By providing a methodology for automatic annual adjustments to the MPs’ salary, following an initial adjustment, we aimed to create a settlement that would last for years to come.

However, we have a statutory duty to review MPs’ remuneration in the first year of each Parliament. In consulting now we are fulfilling the requirement to do so by June 2018, a year after the last General Election in June 2017. This gives us the opportunity to take stock and gather feedback on the current arrangements for MPs’ salaries, pensions, and payments received upon losing office.

We are seeking responses from the public, MPs and other interested parties to help us decide whether there is a case for change in any of these areas.