NEODAAS User Survey


1. The NEODAAS Survey

Why are we conducting a survey? 
The NERC Earth Observation Acquisition and Analysis Service (NEODAAS) provides Earth Observation data and services, primarily to UK funded researchers. In April 2019 NEODAAS was recommissioned for 5 years, for more information see:

In order to continue meeting the needs of NEODAAS users, we are looking at ways we can improve the service and products offered by NEODAAS and how we communicate. We will use the responses to the survey to understand where we are meeting current needs where we should look to improve or develop in the future.

Any information you provide will be held in accordance with GDPR. We will not pass any personal information on to third parties. Findings from this survey will be used internally to review the NEODAAS service and products. Any results or statistics reported externally will be reported in aggregate (the details of answers that you give will remain confidential) and it will not be possible to identify you by looking at the results.
Find out more
If you have any questions or would like to discuss the NEODAAS service in person or provide additional feedback, please get in touch (E-mail:

Your consent to take part
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