NHS Norwich CCG new model of care 12 week consultation - 23 July to 12 October 2018

We have some questions for you based on what you have read in the consultation document in the
scenarios. There is no wrong answer, we just want you to tell us if we are on
the right track.

The Alliance approach will be a new single way of working in partnership
by bringing together local GP practices, nurses, community health and
mental health services, social care, hospital specialists and voluntary sector
organisations and others to provide joined up (integrated) out of hospital
health and care.

1. Are there any services you use or are
aware of that you think would benefit
from being part of proposals for an
alliance? If yes please tell us below


2. How do you think any other local
health and care services can be
transformed (changed) to work


3. Do you think that organisations
working together as an alliance will
improve the care and support you
receive when you need it?


4. Would you like to see more services
delivered closer to your home as
described in the scenarios?


5. If yes, are there any particular services you would like to see delivered more locally that you may have to travel to hospital for?


6. Are we right to encourage people to have healthier lifestyles and be more involved in the management of their long term conditions as described in scenarios such as managing their respiratory conditions, weight management and healthy lifestyles?


7. Should individuals be expected to take more responsibility for their own health and care where they are able to?


8. If so, in what way


9. Listed below are the principles that we are using in designing new ways of working as an alliance. Please tick the five statements which are most important to you


10. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about both the work that we have done so far and our proposals for the Norwich new model of care?