Cheltenham Chamber Seminar Survey

Thank you for helping us. Please help us choose future seminar topics by answering the two questions below. It shouldn't take you more than a couple of minutes.

You can add own comments in question 2. 

1. What would you like to have useful advice and top tips about?
Tell us how useful you or your business might find the topics shown below by checking the relevant boxes.

Extremely usefulVery usefulSomewhat usefulNot so usefulNot at all useful
Sharpening brand and marketing strategy
Improving my email marketing
Working with a marketing / brand or ad agency
Advertising and direct marketing
Implementing greater diversity in the workplace
Videos or podcasts for my business
Financial support and planning
Making my business more sustainable / greener
The wellbeing and motivation of the people in my business
Making the most my social media marketing
Improving my customers’ website experience

2. (Optional) Please tell us briefly if:

• There are other topics or specific issues you’d like to hear about
•. There’s anything else you’d like to tell us

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