Nancy Tweddle Fund Application

The Nancy Tweddle Foundation, was started in memory of Jupiter Groups CEO Mark Tweddle's late grandma who passed away in 2006.

The foundation enables us to work with local and international projects to make a positive difference to people‚Äôs lives and aims is to support community groups to achieve more. 

Funding applicants can be schools, sporting teams, community teams or clubs of any kind from adults or children, disabled or able bodied, in the UK or overseas, the list is endless but the key is to benefit a group of people.

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2. If the organisation has a registered charity or business number please state this below: *


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3. Around how many people does your application benefit? *


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5. Please tell us about the project or activity that required funding from the Nancy Tweddle foundation *


6. Please outline the completion date or timings associated with the project *


7. In line with the relevant quotations, please state in pounds and pence the fund amount you are applying for. *


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Please Note: Your request will not be considered unless all relevant quotations have been received in support of your application.

9. Should your fund application be successful, funds will be deposited in line with quotations and support agreed.

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10. By accepting funds from The Nancy Tweddle Foundation, you agree to provide ongoing project updates through to completion. This includes written content, photography and videography of development.

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