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All higher education institutions who intend to make a submission to the 2021 Research Excellence Framework (REF) are required to develop, document and apply a code of practice on the fair and transparent identification of staff and selection of outputs for REF submission. This page allows you to upload your institution’s code of practice and provide supplementary information to facilitate the assessment of your code. The REF Equality and Diversity Advisory Panel (EDAP) will examine all codes of practice and advise the UK funding bodies on their adherence to the published guidance. HEIs will have an opportunity to revise their code of practice, if necessary, after guidance from EDAP.

All submitted and approved codes of practice will be published. Guidance for HEIs on developing their code of practice can be found here.

The deadline for submission is noon on 7th June 2019.

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Staff agreement 

It is a requirement that any processes established to identify staff with significant responsibility for research are agreed with staff, through appropriate staff representation mechanisms within the HEI.

In exceptional circumstances, where it has not been possible to gain staff agreement before the deadline of 7 June 2019, an HEI may submit its code of practice ‘pending agreement’ from staff. In this instance, HEIs must demonstrate how they have engaged, and continue to engage, with staff through appropriate representative mechanisms, and must set out clearly the reasons why it has not been possible to gain agreement within the timeframe. HEIs must inform the relevant funding body once the required agreement has been attained.

Staff agreement is not required where an HEI is submitting 100 per cent of its Category A eligible staff.

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