Victorians Decoded


1. What was your reason for coming to the Victorians Decoded exhibition?


2. Has it changed the way you think about:


3. We’d like to know how? Please tell us more.


4. Will this exhibition have an effect on your own work or study?


5. We’d like to know how? Please tell us more.


6. Are you likely to consult or download the free, fully illustrated catalogue for this exhibition


7. Do say more if you have any thoughts about the catalogue


8. Are you likely to consult or use the free teaching resources linked to this exhibition


9. Please tell us something about ways you might use the teaching resources.


10. Have you attended a free lunchtime talk or do you plan to attend one? They take place in the exhibition at 1.00pm 29 Sep/27 Oct/20 Nov/15 Dec and 19 Jan


11. Please do add a comment on the talk or talks, if you would like to.


12. Where do you live? It will give us an idea of the range of visitors if you could provide your town, County or Country.


13. Please indicate your gender identity


14. Please indicate your age

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