New Website Survey (November 2020)

This short survey has been designed to find out what our tenants and websites users want to see in a new website to help us develop functionality for the future.

1. Which of these groups best describes you?


2. Out of 5 how would you currently rate WCHG's websites? (5 being good, 1 being bad)


3. What do you currently use the WCHG's websites for? (tick all that apply)


4. When you visit any website - which of these things do you think are important?

Doesn't MatterNot ImportantImportantVery Important
Search Facility
Easy to Read
Use of Video
Not Text Heavy
How it displays on Mobile

5. Housing Association websites will contain lots of different information. Rank the things listed below in importance .


6. Choose one thing on this list that you think will help make our websites better and easier to use


7. Please let us know of any ideas you may have to help us improve our sites in the future?


8. Any other comments?

If you want to work with us on developing our new website please contact our Involvement Team at