Orkney Library & Archive Survey 2020

1. Which service points do you visit?
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2. How often do you visit? *


3. How well are we doing? *

Opening hours
Computer facilities and WiFi
Online Services (eBooks, eAudio, online catalogue, online reference, Freegal, Theory Test Pro...)
Requests and Reservations
Choice of books, materials, newspapers and magazines
Space and facilities
Customer service
Room hire and facilities
Archive service
Mobile Library service
Home Library Service
Book Box service
Study Rooms/Reading areas

4. How satisfied are you with the Library & Archive? 10 being very satisfied and 1 being not at all *


5. Select your age group *


6. Have you attended any Library & Archive events in the past year? *


7. How did you find out about the events?


8. What do you value most about the Library & Archive?


9. Is there anything you think can be improved?

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