UK Regional Immigration Advice Survey


This project is researching and mapping immigration advice in the UK, on behalf of Refugee Action, to inform their strategy to increase the availability of immigration advice over the next five years.

We are trying to understand demand, supply, referral routes and relationships between organisations in as much detail as possible.

We are interested in both the hard numbers and the opinions of people working in the sector, so any information you can give us is useful.

The survey has been designed to apply to all organisations from legal aid providers and OISC-accredited advisers to support groups which do not do advice themselves, but try to signpost and refer clients. Please feel free to skip any questions which don't apply to your organisation.

We know everyone is busy, so we've set up the survey so you can skip any questions except this one, for consent.

If you would rather talk to us directly, please enter your details in reply to Q2 and we will get in touch.

Data will be securely stored on password protected computers and all reporting will be anonymised. This survey software is GDPR compliant.

We will use the information you give for reporting to Refugee Action and a published report, and may also write academic journal articles, policy briefings or other pieces of work based on the research. We will share the findings and work with other partners to use them to support the sector.

Please check 'Yes' to indicate that you consent to your data being stored and used in these ways.


If you would prefer an interview instead of completing this survey, please insert your contact details and submit the survey.


Please give the name and town of your organisation.


Do you offer immigration advice?


Level of advice / casework offered (eg. OISC Level 1,2,3, legal aid).
Please give the number of advisers at each level in the comments box.


Have you been given an exemption to offer a higher level of advice on a specific issue?
If so, please specify the issue.


What (apart from immigration advice) does the organisation do?


The next few questions are about the demand for your organisation's work and for advice BEFORE Covid-19. Later we will ask you about Covid-Related changes.

How many people come to your organisation for immigration advice a year (pre-covid)?
Please estimate if you do not have exact data on this.


What kind of advice needs do your clients / users / members have?


How do they approach you (pre-covid)? Eg. phone, email, drop-in, through other activities at the organisations


If your organisation offers advice, which of the following kinds of cases do you take on? Please indicate all that apply. Please give approximate numbers of each case type per year in the comment box, if known.


How many clients do you turn away for immigration advice per year?
Please give as much detail as possible if you do not keep data on this.


Are there any kinds of case (including the above) that you prioritise or exclude, or restrictions on who can access your service? This might be for reasons of demand, financial viability, adviser specialism, or any other reason.
Please give reasons.


What do you think are the gaps in availability of advice in your area - groups of people or problem types?


The next two questions are about funding.

What are your income sources / funding types?
Please tick all that apply.


How are you / your clients funding chargeable applications? (Eg, applying for fee waivers, loans)


The next few questions are about the advice networks and referral routes in your area.

By ‘signposting’ we mean suggesting another organisation or giving a list of organisations someone could go to; by ‘referring’ we mean contacting such organisations yourself to ask them to take a person on.

What kind of issues do you signpost clients to other organisations for, and which organisations do you signpost to (please be as specific as possible)?


What kind of issues do you refer people for, and to whom?


Please describe any difficulties you have with referring clients (including to barristers, if relevant to your work)?


Who refers or signposts clients to you, and for what kind of assistance?


What practice or local / regional / national networks do you belong to or use?
(Eg. email groups, communities of practice, professional memberships)


Where else do you go for information and support with your work?


The next few questions are about recruitment, training and registration / accreditation.

Have you had any difficulty recruiting appropriately qualified advice staff?
If Yes, please describe.


Have you had any difficulties organising or obtaining the training and / or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that advice staff need?
If yes, please describe.


Have you had any difficulties getting or maintaining OISC-registration (if applicable)?
If yes, please describe.


What, if anything, would help you to expand or improve provision?


The next few questions are about the response to Covid-19.
How do you think the pandemic has affected your users’ needs?


How has your organisation adapted the way it works during the Covid-19 pandemic?


Has the pandemic affected your organisation’s financial viability? If so, how?


Any other reflections on the impact of Covid on demand, supply, quality of services, referral or financial viability?


Is there anything else we haven’t covered that you think is important about access to good-quality immigration advice?


Thank you so much for completing the survey - we really appreciate your time.

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