Veterinary Medicines Digital Service Feedback

1. What services did you access today? (optional)


2. Were you able to do what you needed to do today? (optional)


3. How easy was it for you to do what you needed to do today? (optional)


Why did you give this score? (optional)


4. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? (optional)


5. Overall, how did you feel about the service you accessed today? (optional)


6. Have you ever felt like you needed help to use any of the online services provided by the VMD? (optional)

This could be because:
1. You lack trust in the service or internet
2. You lack confidence to use an online service
3. You have limited or no access to the internet
4. You have have limited or no digital skills


7. Help make the Veterinary Medicines Digital Service better (optional)

The VMD would like your help to improve our service and make sure it works well for the people that use it. If you would be willing to talk to our research team about your experience with the service, please add you contact details below.

By supplying your contacts details you are consenting to us contacting you for further research purposes. Your data will not be shared. You can withdraw your consent at anytime by emailing

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