EPC subject level TEF consultation: subjects

The subject level TEF proposes to define subjects using thirty-five subjects which groups Engineering with Computing and Technology

Further information can be found on P.10 of the consultation document. Based on your experiences on the ground, the EPC would like to offer member university scenarios to demonstrate the impact and/or unintended consequences. Please provide any evidence or supporting information you have in relation to the following statements.

The ‘subject’ of engineering alone covers a wide range of diverse disciplines and subdisciplines.


Although this is a reasonable fit, engineering will be impacted by the other two subjects (and vice versa).


Potential students may choose to study a bad computer science course, say, on the basis of this being in a wider grouping that drags up its score and conceals the weaknesses of the individual course.


If providers are allowed to switch subjects between groups, the obvious temptation is for providers to swap these subjects strategically to hide weaker subjects and create strong-looking (according to TEF metrics) groups.


Any other comments on the use of subject groups within subject level TEF?