Burbage Road Residents' Our Healthy Streets Area C survey


In order that the Burbage Road Residents Association (BRRA) can better represent your views on Southwark Council’s Our Healthy Streets: Dulwich proposals, we are asking you to please take a few minutes to answer this survey and return it by Sunday, 29th March 2020.

Individual responses are entirely confidential and will not be shared with anyone beyond the BRRA committee.  BRRA may share the overall results with Southwark, to inform any discussions/negotiations BRRA have with Southwark Council on behalf of Burbage Road residents.

The Southwark Council Our Healthy Streets: Dulwich survey should also be completed by Sunday 29th March 2020.  This BRRA survey does not replace the Southwark Council one; it covers the additional options put forward at the two consultation meetings last week, and some further options we think should be considered.

Before completing our short survey, you may wish to read more about the proposals at 

If our survey helps you to choose what you believe to be the best measure for our road, please also respond to Southwark Council's online survey (link above).  If you have previously responded to the Council's survey, and have changed your views, you can complete the Council's survey again, in which case your most recent response will be accepted as your submission. 

To ensure that only those living in Burbage Road complete this BRRA survey, please insert your street address and your email address in the boxes below.  Survey results can be supplied upon request. We can accept up to two responses per household. *


1. Do you think that the proposed changes in Area B (Dulwich Village) are likely to have a major impact on Area C (Burbage, Stradella, Turney, Aysgarth, Boxall, Winterbrook, & Pickwick Roads)?


2. The following seven scheme options show Southwark Council’s original proposals in their consultation document (A, B and G), two additional proposals Southwark have recently approved in principle (as confirmed and presented at the Area C consultation meetings on 10 and 11 March) (C and D) and two other potential options that the BRRA would like you to consider (E and F). Please indicate your top three preferences if proposed Area B changes are implemented.

All seven schemes have timed cameras at the Village roundabout (positions 1 and 6 on maps below) stopping non-permit northbound rush hour traffic.

1 – Timed rush-hour closure of Dulwich Village northbound
2 – Permanent one-way closure (open to south-bound traffic)
3 – Permanent closure (both directions)
4 – Permanent one-way closure toward Dulwich Village
5 – Permanent closure (both directions)
6 – Timed rush-hour closure of Burbage Road northbound

Option A: Permanent permeable closure of Burbage Road preventing traffic in both directions (as well as one-way closure on Turney Road toward Dulwich Village).  
NB "Permeable closure" means full-time closure to all motor traffic, including motorcycles, with access for bicycles and mobility scooters only.

Option B: Permanent one-way closure on Burbage Road near railway bridge for traffic travelling north (as well as one-way closure on Turney Road toward Dulwich Village). Southbound traffic unaffected.

Option C: Permanent permeable closure of Burbage Road and Turney Road for traffic in both directions.

Option D: Permanent permeable closure of Turney Road only.

Option E: One permanent permeable road closure on Turney Road near the Croxted Road junction and one, timed, peak-hours only, closure, possibly only applicable to non-residents (e.g. cameras for permit-holders' access only, bollards or barriers) at the north end of Burbage Road by the junction with Stradella Road to stop afternoon/evening southbound traffic. 

NB. No need for a Turney Road one way north at junction with Burbage Road.

Option F: No permanent road closure. Instead, manage traffic in Burbage Road north and in Turney Road south via peak-time closures, possibly only applicable to non-residents (e.g. cameras for permit-holders' access only, flexible barriers or rising bollards).

NB. A camera cannot be placed at or near the junction of Croxted and Turney Roads, so a camera may need to be placed at the junction of Turney and Burbage Roads to stop northbound traffic, which would in turn necessitate a Turney Road one-way section heading north from that junction.

Option G: Do nothing in Burbage Road (other than the cameras at the Village roundabout)

Please enter your three preferred options in order of preference, from the most preferred to the least preferred.


3. Should it be decided that a permeable barrier is to be placed on Burbage Road, would you like to be consulted as to its position?


4. Do you agree that a test-run of any proposed changes to Area C should be employed first with a second consultation afterwards to assess the effectiveness of the scheme and address any difficulties which may arise?

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