Quality Assurance CPD Survey: July 2019

1. Section 1


1. How long have you worked within the rail industry? *


2. How long have you worked for your current employer/sponsor? *


3. How long have you been a trainer/assessor in the rail industry? *


What courses do you deliver/assess? *


4. Have you uploaded your CPD into skills backbone for 2018-2019?
If "No" please advise what presented you from doing so *


5. Have you completed the mandatory 30 hours of CPD?
If "not" what has prevented you from completing, please advise in the comment box? *


6. Have you started your CPD but not uploaded the evidence to Skills Backbone?
If "No" what is preventing you from uploading the evidence? *


7. Do you get support in undertaking your CPD?
If "Yes" what form of support do you receive? *


8. In the event that CPD is not completed by Trainers/Assessors working with you should the training provider be penalised? If "Yes" please indicate what the penalty should be. *


9. If you answered "Yes" to question 8, please indicate what the penalty should be? i.e. Reduced Quality Award for Leadership & Management i.e. Silver maximum achievement, Bronze maximum achievement etc. *

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