Kyra Women's Project - Volunteering Opportunity.


1. Thank you for applying to be apart of Kyra's Volunteering team.

Within the Kyra Project we respect your right to privacy and confidentiality. All information shared with Kyra Project will be maintained in line with the Data Protection Act and our own strict policies.

However depending on certain circumstances some information may be shared. The following examples may apply to information sharing:

• If it is felt that there is a risk of harm to yourself or others; we would need to take the appropriate action within the bounds of the law.
• If funders require information as evidence of participation in a specific project (you will be made fully aware of this by Kyra Project at the time as there will be project specific information collected)

Please state if you would like to continue with your application.


2. Name:


3. Phone Number:


4. Email Address:


5. Postcode:


6. Have you used any of Kyra's services in the last 6 months?


7. Please tell us when you would be available by ticking the appropriate box:


8. How many hours per week would you like to volunteer?


9. How would you prefer to engage with our members?


10. Why do you wish to volunteer with Kyra Women's Project?


11. Which areas are you interested in volunteering:


12. If you ticked other to the last question please state:


13. Briefly summarise any special skills or relevant qualifications you have acquired from employment, previous volunteer work or through activities including hobbies:


14. Do you consider yourself to have any disabilities? If yes please give details of any facilitates you may require.

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