The selection of Hik-ProConnect Ambassadors_experience task (Apply)

1. Questionnaire Preface

Welcome to participate in the recruitment of Hik-ProConnnect Ambassador. Our recruitment activities are divided into the experience task (Apply), promotion task (Share)and interview task (Connect).  The tasks are unlocked one by one.
Our Hik-ProConnect Ambassadors will be selected from those who complete all tasks with excellent overall performance.

Submission of this questionnaire represents that you agree to participate in the selection of Hik-ProConnect Ambassadors. To answer the questions in details can help you obtain a high score in this task.
We ensure that we will stick to the confidentiality principle. All information you provide will be used only for the selection of this activity.

1. How long have you been using Hik-ProConnnect? (single choice) *


2. Which work do you use it to complete? (completion) *


3. Which function do you mainly use? (single choice) *


4. Please briefly summarize your use experience in view of your most frequently used function (completion) *


5. Is the function aforementioned easy to get started? Can it help solve problems encountered? Is there anything to be improved? Please raise your suggestions (completion) *


6. In your opinion, which functions do Hik-ProConnect need to supplement in addition to existing ones? Please raise your suggestions (completion) *


7. What changes occur to your work compared with before without the Hik-ProConnnect? Could you give an example to explain the help it gives you? (completion) *


8. Would you like to participate in the promotion of Hik-ProConnnect? Such as FaceBook/YouTube/Twitter/ many others (single choice) *


9. What is your Hik-ProConnnect login account (mailbox)? (completion) *


10. Your company name? (completion) *


11. Your commonly used mailbox? (completion) *


12. Your phone number? (completion) *


13. Your country? *