Foundation for Science and Technology - Charitable Objects and Purpose


1. The Foundation for Science and Technology is proposing to change its "Charitable Objects" - its purpose as a charity. The current charitable objects were established in 1977.

The proposed new Charitable Objects are:

"To provide, in the public interest, a neutral platform for debate for the understanding and development of science and technology, to convene debate on the contribution that it makes to public policy, industry and wider society in the United Kingdom, and to communicate widely the outcomes of such work.

To provide training and networking opportunities to early- and mid-career professionals working in science, technology, innovation and similar fields."

The old (1977) Charitable Objects that we propose to change are:

" - The promotion and development of science and technology and to bring about the greater efficiency of the industry of the United Kingdom
- The promotion of research in furtherance of the above objects and the publication of the useful results of any such research"

Do you agree with the new Charitable Objectives?


2. The main activities of the Foundation for Science and Technology include:

- Organising discussion events which bring together representatives from Parliaments and Governments in the UK, industry and the wider research community.

- Delivering the Foundation Future Leaders programme, where each year a cohort of early- to mid-career professionals from the civil and public sector, from industry and from the research community learn about the science and technology ecosystem across the UK, including meetings, visits and an annual conference.

- Publishing a Journal, with articles based on our discussion events.

- Recording a regular podcast with a diverse range of guests.

- Providing governance support to Learned and Professional Societies

- Publishing blogs and being active on social media

Are these the right activities for the Foundation going forward? What should we do more of? (and less of?)


3. The Foundation has an archive of hundreds of audio recordings of discussion events going back to 1989, covering a diverse range of issues in science, technology, innovation, education, medicine and research. These recordings have recently been digitised.

How can the Foundation make best use of this digital archive, and who might be the users of it?


4. Do you have any recommendations for topics for Foundation for Science and Technology events?


5. Do you have any recommendations for speakers for potential FST events, or for the FST podcast?


6. Do you have any other comments?

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