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What's it all about? We want to learn more about people's experiences of living as a Christian during the coronavirus crisis and lockdown. The survey results will help us understand more about how to support people in their development as disciples as we emerge from the current crisis.

What's involved? Short answers to 10 questions, plus a few tick box questions about you.  Give your gut response - a sentence or a phrase will do (though you can write more if you wish). It should take you 10-15 minutes, perhaps less.

Survey creator: Ian Jones of St Peter's Saltley Trust, a Christian educational charity supporting religious education and Christian discipleship (www.saltleytrust.org.uk).

Who can take part? Anyone aged 18 or over.  We particularly want to hear from UK adults who identify themselves as Christians, but anyone else may take part if they wish.

Confidentiality:  At the end of the survey you'll be asked some basic information about you, so that we can compare the responses received.  But we won't use this in any way that would identify you to others.

You do not need to give your name or contact details, unless:
- you're willing to take part in a (voluntary) follow-up focus group, to be held via Zoom in the autumn
- you wish to be informed of the results of the survey, once published

Questions?  Contact us at: director@saltleytrust.org.uk 

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