Hunt For Habit New Client Consultation Form


1. What is your name, age and contact information?

(I need this so I can get back in touch with you to arrange your free consultation with me) *


2. What is your current level of fitness? Please include your weight and height. *


3. What are your personal goals and future aspirations in relation to fitness and in what timeframe? Be specific!

(e.g. fat loss, muscle growth, speed, agility, overall fitness etc.…in 12 weeks, in six months, consistency in my habits etc.) *


4. What experience do you have with fitness?

(Including past exercise, sports played and any other fitness activities you have taken part in - with approximate dates if known) *


5. What areas of fitness do you enjoy and find the most engaging for you?

(This could include what type of exercise you favour in a gym… e.g. cardio/free weights/resistance machines/bodyweight exercises etc. This could also include any sports based exercise you enjoy… e.g. football drills/boxing/cycling etc. Feel free to mentioned any low impact exercises you enjoy too, e.g., walking.) *


6. What areas of fitness do you fundamentally dislike?

(This section will include what you avoid doing at all costs whether that is: a particular exercise, going into the weights section of a gym, home workouts etc.) *


7. What do you struggle with when it comes to exercising and nutrition? And why do you think that is?

(Do you struggle with motivation? Do you find it difficult to stick to routines? Do you have no time to exercise? Struggle to build muscle, lose fat? etc.) *


8. In an ideal world how often do you think you could commit to exercise and for how long each session?

(2/3 times a week, 4/5 times a week, 6/7 times a week…20/30 mins, 45/60 mins, 1 2 hours…) *


9. Are you interested in home workouts?

(Yes, No, I would but I have no space)


10. Is there anything that will reduce your ability to exercise or do certain exercises?

(Do you suffer from any injuries, heart conditions, age related illnesses or have any other boundaries that will hinder your ability to complete certain exercises? No access to a gym? What is your health history?) *


11. Will your current lifestyle hinder your exercise? How busy are you? What is your weekly work schedule?

(This is also so we can come to an agreed time that you can exercise which suits you best.) *


12. What are your current eating habits? The good, the bad & the ugly! What are your nutritional goals? *


13. What equipment do you have access to? Gym membership? Home equipment?

(Do you go to a gym? Are you willing to start going to a gym? Do you have resistance bands at home? Dumbbells? Anything that could assist your exercise to help me tailor a programme for you. Or do you not know?) *


14. What are your initial expectations prior to participating in a new training programme? *


15. Thank you for completing the consultation form! After agreeing to the disclaimer below I will receive your information and get back to you as soon as I can to arrange your free consultation!

In the meantime please feel free to browse my social media pages & website (@huntforhabitfitness / *

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