An academic’s time is precious. You’re already pursuing your own research, and managing a teaching load. Arranging conferences and events is an essential part of building your professional network and staying current, but it may feel overwhelming on top of your other work – and it’s not the best use of your skills.

That’s why the University of Birmingham has appointed Louise Walczak as the new Academic Conferences and Events Manager.

Louise is here to provide a dedicated events management service to support academics: someone who can take away all the stress of the organisation, so you can focus on the content, providing support from the brief all the way through to delivery and evaluation.

To help develop this role we have a few questions for you. Your answers will help to greatly improve our offering to University of Birmingham academics.


1. Do you agree to take part in this survey sent to you by the University of Birmingham? The data collected will be used to improve and tailor our service offering. *

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