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Apps, Technology and Artificial Intelligence - An Anthropocentric conundrum


1. Thank you - and welcome
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Thank you for agreeing to take part in this survey, your time is very much appreciated. I am carrying out research to identify whether Artificial Intelligence, as it becomes more entrenched in our world, can be considered a legitimate part of society. The questions may appear daunting, but in fact are completely philosophical, and as such, have no right or wrong answer, so please don't be concerned about answering ANY of them, it is purely about what YOU think is right. 

I was hoping to carry out a focus group on the subject, however, I really do need to make a start on with this now, so have put all of the questions in the survey, as a focus group opportunity could be a way off yet, given the current situation.  

The survey comes in two parts. Each question is multiple choice. The multiple choice element will take all of 5 minutes to complete. This will make up the quantitative part of the survey results. The comment sections, which asks if you would like to expand on your answer, is optional, and will add to the qualitative part of the survey. It is up to you how long you wish to spend on them, if you have a comment to add at all. 

Obviously, all answers are completely anonymous, although you will be asked age and gender (again, optional) for statistical purposes.

The subject is quite a fascinating one. I hope you enjoy answering the questions and I look forward to seeing your thoughts. 

Thanks again,

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