2019 Community Survey

1. Welcome to the 2019 Hackney Community Survey

All questions are optional, except those we have to ask so we know who is answering, but it's really helpful if you answer as many as you can. Any information you tell us is confidential and will only be stored securely and according to GDPR data protection laws.
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2. Can we take an email address to keep in touch?


3. And what about a phone or mobile number?


4. The Lib Dems are campaigning to keep Britain in the EU, but which of these is closest to how YOU feel about Brexit?


5. We should invest an extra £4 billion a year in the National Health Service (NHS) and pay for it by adding an extra 1p to the income tax rate.


6. We should legalise cannabis and address drug use as a health matter, not a criminal one. This would take drugs out of the hands of gangs.


7. Budgets and waiting times for Mental Health care should be the same as for other NHS services.


8. Britain should adopt ambitious legal targets to reduce our contribution to Climate Change and become a zero carbon economy by 2050 at the latest.


9. Hackney Council should use the powers available to borrow money and invest in building new council and affordable housing


10. Elections should be fought under a fairer voting system where parties win seats according to their share of the vote (Proportional Representation.)


11. Hackney should tackle knife-crime by setting up a full-time Violence Reduction Unit using a proven public health model.


12. Britain should be more open to refugees fleeing war and persecution. Those seeking asylum in the UK should be allowed to work and support their families.


13. More Hackney streets should have segregated cycle lanes and “bike only” turns even if this causes minor inconvenience for some car drivers.


14. What party are you likely to vote for next time you elect...

(If there are two parties you would consider, tick both)

LabourLiberal DemocratConservativeGreen PartyBrexit PartyChange UKOther
a Local Councillor
an MP
the Mayor of London
the London Assembly

Do you have any comments about any of the proposals outlined above or any other issues you think we should consider?

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