Housing Repairs


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3. Was it easy to contact the repairs centre?


4. Were you satisfied with the customer advisor’s responses?


5. Were you given a stated time for when the repair should be completed?


6. If yes, was the repair completed within the stated time?


7. Was the appointment kept?


8. Do you consider that the work to your home was carried out right first time?


9. If not, were you kept informed of the progress throughout the work?


10. Did the operative show his/her ID?


11. Was the person who carried out the work wearing his/her uniform?


12. Was the person who carried out the work polite and courteous?


13. Was the work area left clean and tidy?


14. Are you satisfied with the quality of the work?


15. Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the service HTS Property & Environment carried out? *


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