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We are developing a range of workshops, certified by the IOEE (Institute or Enterprise and Entrepreneurs), of which we are an Approved Academy.

All attendees of our workshops receive a certificate of attendance and a years free student membership of the IOEE, which includes access to their online Campus, with additional training and research resources.

We would really appreciate your help to shape this programme, so if you could spare 5 minutes to complete this survey, we would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance!

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1. What workshop topics would be most useful to help with the challenges facing your business? Tick all that are relevant (and please add any other suggestions at the bottom) *


2. What length of workshop best suits your schedule? *


3. If we were running a 2 day workshop, would you prefer to attend *


4. How far are you prepared to travel to attend a workshop


5. How much would you / your company be prepared to pay for a 1 day certified business workshop? *

If you have any more comments or suggestions, we would love to hear them

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