Southport 2021 Feast Survey


1. Did you attend the Feast in Southport in 2021?


2. What do you think went well? (Tell us anything that you particularly enjoyed in terms of location, hotel, facilities, activities in the local area, zoom connections etc.) *


3. What didn't go well? (Please let us know anything what wasn't so good, no matter how big or small) *


4. What could be improved in future years? (Any suggestions for improvements, any extra features you would like in future years etc.) *


5. If the Feast was to be held in Southport again, would you like it to be held at the same hotel (Prince of Wales hotel)? *


6. If you have any suggestions for Feast locations for future years, please provide below?


7. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us to help with future Feast planning?


8. Should you wish to, you can leave your name and contact details

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