Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub pre-event

1. West Yorkshire and Harrogate Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub Summit pre-event survey

The West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub for staff is now live.  The Hub aims to enhance the delivery of mental health and wellbeing support for everyone working in the NHS, local authorities and councils, ambulance service staff, care home workers, those working in social care and community workers, including staff who work in voluntary and community sector organisations within West Yorkshire and Harrogate.

The Hub does not replace all your local health and wellbeing offers, it is in place to supplement the offers already available, to help us meet the additional needs and demands of our workforce both during and following this pandemic.

Additional funding to continue the work of the Hub into 2021/22 has been received, but it is not clear whether this funding will continue into future years.  It is therefore essential that we allocate these funds to focus on providing services that meet the requirements for your staff at this time.

To do this, we are holding a Summit Event on 26 May to:
  • give you as leaders and managers an opportunity to share the H&WB offers currently being provided
  • identify future areas of focused support at a local and ICS level
  • identify support required by you for your organisation from the Hub.
Please can you complete this short survey so we can build an agenda for the day that is beneficial for everyone. 

1. Please give your name, organisation and team/service in the space below:


2. What are the immediate and short-term (next 12 months) staff mental health issues facing your organisation?


3. What action are you taking or planning in order to embed a culture of mental health support?


4. What can the Hub do, while it exists, to help you build a culture of mental health over the next 12 months?


5. During the event we are looking to hold some break-out sessions to discuss and share ideas on key focus areas, below are some options for topic areas, please tick as many topics that would be of interested to you:


6. Would you be willing to share your experiences during any of the breakout sessions?