Torrington 100 Food Experience Survey


1. Introduction

During the current Covid 19 pandemic it has been recognised by many agencies that not only have peoples’ food habits changed but that food insecurity has become an issue for many people.

In order to gauge the impact of this One Northern Devon is working with Torrington 100 to engage with the community around the issues being faced in our local area.

From this engagement it is hoped that specific issues may be identified which Torrington 100 can then help to address in some small way.

We would love to have your input and would be grateful if you could answer the questions in this short questionnaire.

If you would like to be contacted by the Torrington 100 Team there is an opportunity at the end of the Questionnaire for you to give your contact details if you want to. This is not compulsory.

The contact details for Torrington 100 can also be found at the end of this questionnaire.