NIME 2021 Scholarship Application

1. Welcome to the NIME 2021 Ableton Scholarships

Greetings All,

  Thank you for applying for a scholarship to attend NIME this year.  Ableton are proud to sponsor a number of student and regular registrations in collaboration with the NIME diversity committee.   The NIME diversity committee's mission is to help broaden the NIME community and improve inclusivity towards under-represented groups within NIME, be that in regards to gender, ethnicity, age, disability, area of study, or financial ability to partake.  As places are limited, please DO NOT APPLY if you are able to get funding through your affiliate institution. 

   While the scholarships are open to everyone, some preference may be given to applicants from under-represented groups.  For that reason, the application includes questions on gender, ethnicity, etc.  Answering these personal questions is not mandatory.  Information collected within this application will be held in compliance with GDPR and will be used for internal purposes only pertaining to awarding scholarships.  Your data will not be shared with Ableton or any other company.

  At this time some scholarships remain for students, however all available scholarships for non-students have been claimed.  We will continue to review new applications biweekly.


NIME Diversity Officers
Laurel, Juan, and Anna (WiNIME)
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