Qualified for the future – Wider qualification offer at 14-16 Learner


Wider qualification offer at 14-16 
Qualifications Wales wants to hear your views!

Qualifications Wales regulate qualifications used in schools, colleges, work-based learning environments, as part of apprenticeship programmes and other educational settings.

We are looking at how future qualifications can best support the introduction of the new Curriculum for Wales and help to realise its ambition.

We want to know which qualifications should be available alongside new GCSEs to meet the needs of all learners aged 14 to 16.  We want your views to help make sure future learners have the right choices.

Completing the Online Questionnaire

Completing this survey is voluntary and should take around 10 - 15 minutes to complete. Please provide full responses to explain your views as this gives you a better opportunity to contribute.

Your responses will be anonymous, and you will not be identified in any way. If you provide information which may identify you or others, we will take steps to prevent disclosure of personal information.

Please complete the survey in one sitting as you will not be able to close the survey and continue from where you left off. If you only complete part of the survey, then your responses may still be counted.

You can use the Previous Page and Next Page buttons to move through each page of the questionnaire. Please do not use your browser's back or forward buttons.

Many thanks for taking the time to complete this survey.  If you have any questions, please contact us at