Transport Strategy 2019-41

Tower Hamlets has more traffic than anywhere else in the UK. By 2041, the Mayor of London wants 90% of journeys to be by foot, cycle or public transport to reduce traffic congestion and pollution, and improve people’s health.
The council would like to hear your views regarding transport in the borough and any barriers you face when travelling.

1. What are your main forms of travel in Tower Hamlets? *


2. What are your main reasons for travel in Tower Hamlets? Tick all that apply. *


3. How often do you tend to travel in Tower Hamlets? Tick one. *


4. When do you normally travel in Tower Hamlets? Tick up to three. *


5. Do you own any of the following vehicles? Tick all that apply *


6. What factors (if any) prevent you from walking more? Tick all that apply *


7. What factors (if any) prevent you from cycling more? Tick all that apply *


8. What factors (if any) prevent you from using public transport more? Tick all that apply *


9. What factors (if any) deter you from driving more? Tick all that apply *


10. Do you agree with the Tower Hamlets Transport Strategy vision and the priorities set out to achieve it? Tick one box per row. *

Priority 1: Make Tower Hamlets the best place to walk and cycle in London
Priority 2: Reduce dependency on cars in favour of walking, cycling and public transport
Priority 3: Work collaboratively to ensure transport services meet the needs of residents, visitors and businesses and support growth and the economy
Priority 4: Create an environment where people are safe and feel confident to travel in Tower Hamlets
Priority 5: Improve air quality and make our surroundings quieter, more inviting and more appealing
Priority 6: Make travel in Tower Hamlets accessible and affordable for all

11. Please state if you feel there are any additional priorities which you feel have not been captured


12. What can we do to improve travel around the borough? Tick all that apply


13. What activities (if any) would you be willing to do to achieve these priorities? Tick all that apply *


14. What do you think the council can do to support you to achieve priorities of the draft transport strategy? Tick all that apply *


15. Please state if you have any further comments on the draft Transport Strategy.


16. Are you responding to this questionnaire as an individual or on behalf of an organisation, group
or business? *


17. What is your home postcode? *


18. Where do you work/study? *


19. How old are you? *


20. Which best describes your gender? *


21. Are your day-to-day activities limited because of a health problem or disability which has lasted, or is expected to last, at least 12 months (include any problems related to old age)? *


22. Please state the type of health problem(s) or disabilit(y/ies) that applies to you? *


23. How would you describe your ethnic group? *


24. Which of the following best describes how you think of yourself? *


25. What is your religion? *


26. What is your marital status? *


27. Are you currently pregnant or have you been pregnant in the last year? *


28. Have you seen any publicity about this strategy? *


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