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Co-operate is created with communities, and is owned by communities. It's non-profit making and helps groups and individuals make good things happen where they live.

Your online activity must be:
  • not for profit – if you need to charge for your activity this should only cover costs or raise money for a community cause
  • locally run
During coronavirus, if your activity is profit making, it can be added if it helps people:
  • stay entertained
  • learn new skills
  • look after their physical and mental wellbeing
  • connect with social and community groups

1. Online activity name

For example: the activity name you're using on social media, your website or leaflets *


2. What's the link for your online activity? *


3. Describe the activity (100 words max)

Make sure you let people know:
  • how they can join online 
  • who it's for
  • how it will help or benefit them. For example: Keep fit from your living room


4. Activity category *


5. Date and time (if your activity is live)

You might not have a set date and time for your activity as it may be pre recorded. 

But if your activity is live, please add.


6. Price
  • Include details of how people can pay you online 
  • If it's free, type Free


7. Location
Co-operate lists activities for local communities, please add the name of your town, village or city *


8. Activity photo

Upload a good quality photo that shows your activity.

Make sure you:
  • get permission from any people in the photo
  • the photo does not have words on it – photos with words are difficult to read

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