Developing our education support post-Covid
1. Introduction
About this survey

Over the last two years Kineara have been revaluating how we deliver our support; whilst considering the challenging times we are facing regarding COVID-19 and its effect on schools, education, children, and especially 'vulnerable' households with limited resources and support. 

M2E Online: Given calls for Ofsted to assess the quality of online provision and the challenges of Covid-19, Motivate to Educate (M2E) online is designed to the individual schools' bespoke need. For example, a school may want counselling, parent workshops, or other aspects of the traditional M2E service.

Licensing: Enabling and training schools to deliver M2E in-house with Kineara's support.

During this exploratory phase, we want to know about your experiences of additional support and online provision at your school. Your answers will allow us to better meet the needs and expectations at your school, as well as help us continue to develop meaningful support for schools, pupils, and families across the country. 

This survey consists of 10 mandatory questions and will take just 5-10 minutes to complete. 

Thank you in advance!

About Kineara

Kineara is a community interest company which supports people facing challenging times within housing, education, and employment. We deliver a range of specialist programmes to ‘vulnerable’ families and individuals, through which we address key barriers and work to build self-confidence and resilience as well as family and community networks.

Our services within education includes our Motivate to Educate (M2E) programme which provides holistic one-to-one support over 15 weeks to primary and secondary pupils and their families, as well as embedded wraparound support which aims to improve the wellbeing of everyone at school.

With eight years’ experience of delivering M2E in schools, and managing to support over thirty five pupils and their families through challenging times, we have seen the difference that the presence of an independent, specialist support worker, based in the school and with reach into the local community, can make. You can read more about our services, work, and impact here.
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