Crop Nutrition Network


1. If you would like to be informed when the ADAS Crop Nutrition Network is launched, please provide your email address. Your details will be stored in accordance with GDPR requirements and used only for this purpose.


2. What is your main role? *


3. Have you ever been involved in any of the following? Select all that apply.


4. Do you regularly submit any of the following to labs for testing? Select all that apply.


5. Our nutrient benchmarking website will enable you to compare your results with those from other farms – with you being able to select results according to field criteria (region, soil type, variety, yield level, etc.). Which of the following field records would you be able and willing to share, in order to benchmark your results against all other farms (NB: identities of all participants will always be kept anonymous):


6. Commercial lab analysis for all 12 essential nutrients in a leaf or grain sample currently costs about £30. What would you consider a reasonable (extra) price for benchmarking the results from each sample?