Stop Look Care Project


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The Stop Look Care project is working across the Sussex Health and Care Partnership to roll out the use of the Stop Look Care book across targeted care homes and other Health and Social Care organisations in Sussex.  The Stop Look Care book acts as a handy reference guide for care workers to support them in identifying signs of deterioration in the health and wellbeing of the person they care for and what action to take should they see this happening.

The Stop Look Care Project Team are interested to understand what unpaid carers think of the book and how they might use it to support them.

Please complete the following questionnaire to help us think about the value of the Stop Look Care book for unpaid carers.

Completion will take about 5 minutes.   All information is anonymous. 

1. Do you think the idea of having a book such as Stop Look Care is a useful one?


2. Do you think the Stop Look Care book might be useful to you in your caring role?


3. Do you find the format of the Stop Look Care book easy to follow?


4. The current version of the Stop Look Care book is aimed at paid care workers. Would you as an unpaid carer still use this version?

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