Nov 2020 Stinsford NP Consultation

1. Stinsford Draft Neighbourhood Plan - Consultation for Residents, November 2020

Thank you for providing your comments on Stinsford's Draft Neighbourhood Plan. THIS SURVEY IS OPEN UNTIL 5TH DECEMBER 2020. It is intended for people who live in Stinsford parish. We welcome views from everyone who lives here, of whatever age, and wherever in the parish you live. The volunteers who are preparing the neighbourhood plan would very much like you to give your honest and direct opinion of the draft plan as it now stands. This is not the final plan - it will be updated to reflect, as closely as we possibly can, the views you send in.
The Neighbourhood Plan is intended to guide development in Stinsford until 2036. It can NOT prevent the 'strategic' development of a site north of Dorchester, if Dorset Council continues to promote it. However, we hope that it CAN help to protect the landscape, and the design and quality of development throughout the parish. Please give it your careful thought.
If you are not already familiar with the Draft Neighbourhood Plan, you can read it at   We estimate that this survey will take about 10 minutes to complete, possibly longer if you have extensive comments. Thank you for your time.
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