NI Vasculitis Healthcare Professional Survey 2019


1. Introduction
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This survey was developed to complement an externally peer-reviewed research project focused on patient perceptions of Vasculitis treatment and everyday living.

We are keen to explore the perceptions of healthcare professionals for Vasculitis treatment, information, and care. 

This survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Results from this survey will be collated anonymously and used to generate a summative report, which will be presented at our annual conference and on our website.

It is not essential to answer every question. Complete survey data is most useful to us, but we understand you may not wish to disclose (or have time to complete) some information – please feel free to skip over any such question(s).

The survey is available in other formats (large print, hard copy, verbal delivery, and different colour contrasts). Please contact if you wish to access these, or if you have any questions you wished to be answered.

Many thanks for your participation; it is much appreciated.

1. By completing this survey, I am confirming that I understand the purpose of the study and give my consent for my responses to be used anonymously for research *


2. Do you treat people with systemic Vasculitis