Volunteer Translators Project - Thriving Places Govanhill


This is a sign up form for volunteer translators who wish to help make information accessible to Govanhill residents who speak languages other than English. You will be translating short pieces of text into your language for Govanhill-based community organisations: for example, updates about services or information about events. PLEASE NOTE: You must be able to write to a high standard in the languages you offer support with.

The languages that we currently need most support with are: Arabic, Czech, Slovak, Punjabi, Romanian, and Urdu. Other languages where we occasionally receive requests for translation include: Kurdish (Kurmanji and Sorani), Pashto, Persian, Polish, Russian, Somali, and Swahili. 

This volunteer programme is part of the Govanhill Accessible Information Project developed by Govanhill Community Development Trust under the Thriving Places programme. The data you submit will be held securely and in line with GDPR requirements.