World Radio Gardening - Listener survey 2022


1. Have you listened to World Radio Gardening in the past 3 months?


2. What first three words come to mind when thinking about World Radio Gardening?


3. Approximately, how often do you listen to World Radio Gardening?


4. When do you listen to World Radio Gardening mostly? (Select all that apply)


5. How do you usually listen or watch World Radio Gardening? (Select all that apply)


6. Do you recall hearing any advertisements on World Radio Gardening?


7. If you answered 'Yes' to Question 6 please answer this question:

What products or services do you recall hearing on World Radio Gardening?


8. Thank you for your answers. We have a couple of questions to help us analyse the data.

Are you…?


9. Please select the age group you fall in to.


10. Do you currently live in the United Kingdom?


11. Do you have any comments or feedback about World Radio Gardening?

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