people and places virtual social


1. Would you be interested in attending a "virtual" people and places volunteer social via a conference call such as Zoom or Skype?
( If your answer is NO please proceed to the end of the survey)
Please use the comments box to give us more information about your choice. *


2. Have you used any of the following virtual meeting programmes? Tick all that apply


3. Which day/s of the week would you prefer us to hold a virtual volunteer meeting meeting? Choose as many days as you wish.


4. Which time of day would be most convenient for you? Click as many options as you wish


5. Why would you be interested in a people and places virtual social? Click as many options as you choose


6. Have you ever attended a people and places social? If your answer is YES please let us know what you feel you gained from attending


7. Please let us know if you have any ideas for how we can create the best "virtual" volunteer social

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