Wisbech and Fenland Museum Digital Collections Survey

Welcome to Wisbech and Fenland Museum Digital Survey!  This survey is part of a wide consultation we are carrying out about online access to our cultural, art and heritage collections.  We are keen to hear your views about what you would like to see online from the Museum, in particular how the objects in our collections can best be presented to you digitally for your learning and enjoyment.

This survey covers a broad range of online collections experiences that are available including the Museum’s website, blogs and online exhibitions, social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, an E-Hive collections database which is in its early stages and also You tube videos and online events and talks we provide.  We are keen to know if you have accessed any of these before today and also what else you would expect to see from your Museum.

Thank you for taking part - this questionnaire takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.  

For your information Wisbech and Fenland Museum have the following platforms:
Website:         https://www.wisbechmuseum.org.uk/
 Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/wisbechmuseum/           
Twitter:           @wisbechmuseum    https://twitter.com/wisbechmuseum
Instagram:      https://www.instagram.com/wisbechmuseum/?hl=en 
E Hive:            https://ehive.com/collections/201373/wisbech-fenland-museum
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/WisbechMuseum


1. Is this your first visit to the website of Wisbech and Fenland Museum www.wisbechmuseum.org.uk or Museum social media pages?


2. If you have visited the Museum website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages before how often do you visit?


3. How did you first hear about the Museum website or social media pages?


4. What is the purpose of your visit to our website or social media pages today? Please choose one or more options that apply to you.


5. Have you attended any of our online events or viewed any of these YouTube films in the last 12 months?


6. Since COVID-19, have you visited more culture, arts and heritage sites online?


7. Are there any particular online culture, art and heritage websites or social media sites you have enjoyed and would recommend?


8. Please tell us what motivated you to visit the website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page today?


9. Are you visiting the Museum website, Facebook , Instagram or Twitter pages with others today?


10. Please give your feedback on your experience of the Museum website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages: What did you value during your visit? What kinds of museum experiences are you keen to do more of?


11. Were you able to find what you were looking for today?


12. Would you value any of the following on our website?


13. Would you expect to find the Museum’s collections online in any of these digital formats:


14. Which of the following examples of page set ups would you find most interesting to explore?  Please tick one.  Add any comments you wish to below.

Image 1  National Army Museum - this is a searchable museum collections database with where you can search individual objects but also see specially selected information and stories about people and events associated with the objects.

Image 2  -  A traditional collections searchable database. This database gives audiences the option to search using a quick word search, an in depth search  and also the option to browse curated selections of objects under a themed heading. This system also gives the audience the option to add a comment about an object.

Image 3   A collections and learning blog created by Saffron Walden Museum to run alongside the Museum website. The stories behind objects are highlighted through blog posts, internet links and audiences have the opportunity to add comments and information.

Image 4  An online Collections Portal : Audiences can create an account, save their searches, and improve content by adding in their own research findings  



15. ABOUT YOU : These questions tell us more about you and who is visiting our website. This information is anonymised and is only used by Wisbech and Fenland Museum staff and their project staff for research. It helps us build a picture of who we are reaching and who we are yet to reach.

Please tell us which of the following applies to you:


16. Which of the following age groups to you belong to


17. Please tell us what is your ethnic group?


18. Do you live in the UK?


19. If you live in the UK what is your full postcode e.g. PE13 1AN