Speen Fete Evaluation Survey

1. Thank you

Thanks for attending Speen Village Fete.  We hope you enjoyed the afternoon.

Your feedback will help shape next years event. We would be grateful if you could complete this very short feedback survey.

If you would like to be involved next year please email:  fete@speenbucks.org.uk  and we will be in touch in January.

Many thanks, 
Clare & Helen

1. Overall, how would you rate Speen Village Fete?


2. What were the highlights for you?


3. What could be improved?


4. Had you received enough information in advance?


5. How did you find the organisation of the event?


6. Please rank your favourite to least favourite parts of the afternoon


7. Not many children entered the competitions, despite them being mentioned on the Flyer, Program and with cash prizes. What would make your children/grandchildren enter a competition? Would you be interested in an adult competition class?


8. If you stayed for the evening, we would welcome your feedback?

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