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1. Developing the Rehabilitation service for people with a visual impairment in Bristol
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A Rehabilitation service offers help and support to people who become blind or partially-sighted to enable them to continue to live independently. The Rehabilitation worker will help a person to learn how to do household tasks safely. They will also teach and train people how to get around outside including using a cane or other mobility aids.   People who are blind or partially-sighted do not have to have a certificate of visual impairment or be registered with the local authority to use this service. People can contact the Rehabilitation service directly and do not have to go through health or social services. The service is free of charge.  

The Care Act states that this service has to be made available to people by local authorities and/or partners such as the NHS. In Bristol the City Council currently have a contract with the Royal National Institute Of Blind People (RNIB) to provide the service. The RNIB have made a decision to stop providing rehabilitation services and a new service will be put into place in Bristol from April 2020. Current people using the service will not be affected by this change that will happen next year. The Council will ensure that there is a new service in place from April next year.  

To help them develop a new service the City Council have brought together a group of people with a visual impairment and organisations working with blind and partially-sighted people to inform the development of the service.  This group want to hear from people with a visual impairment and from anyone else with an interest in or knowledge about the rehabilitation service to understand what people think of the current service and ideas about how the new service can make the most impact.  

Thank you very much for filling in the survey. If you would like a copy in a different format or would like to fill-it in over the telephone please call 0117 922 4656.

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