Toolkit of remote research tools

The cross-government user research community is building a list of different remote tools researchers can use at each stage of research. The spreadsheet is intended to highlight the different tools you might use, and also point you to other helpful resources. 

We are keen for you to suggest other resources, tools and links that might be useful to the user research community at this time. You can also suggest additional considerations or links for tools or methods already in the spreadsheet. 

We are also interested in your general feedback on the toolkit.

We'll review all submissions and add to the toolkit where applicable.
This survey does not collect any personal information.
Please provide the following information below for the tool or method you'd like to share or add additional information for:
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  • research step
  • tool/ method (required)
  • considerations or caveats (required)
  • useful or related links

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6. Do you have any feedback on the toolkit you'd like to share?


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