Wales Nature Week 2022 - "How Nature Benefits Me" Survey

1. Let us Know how you have benefitted from Engaging with Nature

As part of Wales Nature Week 2022 - our annual event celebrating the fantastic habitats and species of Wales - we would love to know what nature means to you. Please share how you have benefitted personally from engaging with nature. Nature can be anywhere, from your garden, a public park, coastal region, nature reserve or countryside. This is an anonymous survey of your views about nature that will help in the success of Wales Nature Week going forward.

1. Which county do you live in? Please tick one. If you live outside of Wales please complete 'other' box *


2. What is your age bracket?


3. Please tell us how you have personally benefitted from engaging with nature. For example, 'I enjoy walking in my local woods because it makes me calm and reduces my stress levels...etc."