Working Together Across Cheshire: The Future of NHS Eastern Cheshire, South Cheshire, Vale Royal and West Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Groups - Have Your Say


1. About you

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2. Having read our engagement document explaining what we do, why we need to change the way we work and what we want to deliver, please now take a few minutes to answer the questions below.

Why we need to change

Working Together Across Cheshire will help create the best environment to accelerate the development and implementation of new models of integrated care and make better use of the existing workforce across the four CCGs, improving efficiency and reducing duplication, while continuing to deliver statutory duties.

Nationally and regionally there is a direction to move towards place-based care, with ‘Place’ identified as local authority boundaries. In Cheshire there is a shared cross-system ambition to join up care via the development of Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs) in Cheshire East and Cheshire West to join up hospital and primary care, health and social care, mental and physical health, and the NHS and local communities.

We believe that Working Together Across Cheshire will create the best environment to support the development of place-based care and two Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs) within the local authority boundaries of Cheshire East, and Cheshire West.

Do you support the move towards place-based commissioning in local authority boundaries?


3. Truly integrated care is about bringing health and social care together. By joining up services which are currently provided separately, we can make better patient decisions by pooling experience, expertise and resources. By focusing on preventing ill-health and unnecessary hospital admissions we can ensure local services are sustainable for the future.

Joining up services which are currently provided separately will enable teams to work together more effectively and efficiently, with the same shared goals. It will benefit the people of both Cheshire West and Cheshire East by moving away from systems that are designed to treat problems when they occur, but often involve travelling to hospital or using Accident and Emergency or same day GP appointments.

Integrated Care Partnerships

Do you agree that the proposed single CCG should be developed at the same time as two integrated care partnerships, one for Cheshire East and one for Cheshire West?


4. A single Cheshire CCG will be responsible for commissioning the best possible outcomes for the population of Cheshire within its available resources. It would focus increasingly on longer term strategic planning, in partnership with Local Authorities and would be responsible for jointly commissioning Integrated Care Partnerships.
Importantly, the move to a larger geographical footprint will not be at the expense of any new CCG’s ability to engage with GPs and local communities at local level. The CCG will remain clinically-led and the statutory duty to involve patients and the public will remain and will continue to be prioritised.

Our proposals

Do you support each of the recommendations below?

That a single Cheshire CCG is created from 1 April 2020
That the move to a single Cheshire CCG happens alongside the development of two Integrated Care Partnerships
That, during 2019-20, the CCGs identify new opportunities to plan and buy services together
That the CCGs introduce shared decision-making processes before 2020


Thank you for taking the time to read our engagement document and for answering our questions. If you have any additional comments about our plans for working together across Cheshire, please feel free to add them here.
When the ‘Have Your Say’ process closes on 23 June 2019, a report detailing your feedback will be considered by the CCGs and NHS England (alongside further feedback from GP members and staff) in relation to any application to create a single Cheshire CCG.


6. Keeping in touch

This is just part of an ongoing conversation about the future of the local NHS and we are inviting people to share their views and to stay involved by working with us to shape how we involve patients and the public in our work into the future. If you would like to receive regular updates and stay involved please provide your details below.

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