St James' C of E Primary School Parent / Carer Questionnaire - Summer 2019


1. My child is happy at St James' CE Primary School. *


2. My child feels safe at this school. *


3. My child makes good progress at this school. *


4. My child is well looked after. *


5. My child is taught well at St James' CE Primary School. *


6. Adults in school make sure pupils are well behaved. *


7. St James' CE Primary School deals effectively with bullying.
Bullying includes persistent name calling, cyber-bullying, racist and homophobic bullying. *


8. The school is well led and managed. *


9. The school responds well to any concerns I raise. *


10. I receive useful information from the school about my child's progress. *


11. The school promotes its Christian ethos effectively. *


12. Would you recommend St James' CE Primary School to another parent? *


13. My child is in the following class (please check all that apply if you have more than one child at school) *


14. Tell us something you like about the school.
Tell us something the school could improve on.


15. Parent / carer name (optional) and any additional comments.

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