Health and Wellbeing Strategy Engagement


1. Health and Wellbeing Strategy Engagement Survey
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The Joint Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea Health and Wellbeing Board is a statutory body bringing together the Councils, NHS, the Voluntary and Community Sector and other local partners to promote integrated health and social care to improve residents’ health and wellbeing.​

The Joint Health and Wellbeing Board have a clear ambition to reduce health inequalities across our communities in Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea.  This means we all need to work together, as citizens, voluntary and community organisations, businesses and the wider public sector to really have an impact on people’s lives.

We would like to get your input into the development of a Health and Wellbeing Strategy that we can all get behind and deliver over the next 10 years.  We want to hear from you about what is important for your health and wellbeing and what you would like to see changed to improve it.

This survey will take approximately 3-5 minutes to complete.
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