Suitable / Accessible Homes in RBWM


1. About me (select all that apply) *


2. Age of person(s) with long-term health conditions / learning difficulties / disabilities (select all that apply) *


3. The long-term health conditions, disabilities or learning difficulties are (select all that apply) *


4. Support equipment used or needed (select all that apply) *


5. How suitable my home is now *


6. It is important that new accessible homes in the borough are / have (select all that apply)


7. The council ward (or town / village) I live in is


8. My home is


9. My home is owned by *


10. Current or anticipated future problems with my home (select all that apply)

Getting to the front door
Getting in the front door
Moving around inside my home
Getting into the garden
Keeping my home warm
Storing support equipment
Keeping my home safe and secure
Using light switches / plug sockets
No downstairs cloakroom
Using the existing downstairs cloakroom
Using the bathroom
Using the kitchen
Using the stairs
Getting into / out of bed
Hearing the door bell / smoke alarm
Getting out and about as much as I need / like
Property / garden maintenance

11. Adaptations to my home that have already been made, we need now or will need in future (select all that apply)

DoneNeed NowNeed in Future
Improving the path to the front door
Modifying the entrance / widening the front door
Widening other doorways
Removing internal obstacles (thresholds, flooring)
Moving light switches / plug sockets
Adding grab rails
Adding hoists
Storage for support equipment
Creating a downstairs cloakroom / WC
Modifying the kitchen
Adding a stairlift / through floor lift
Other changes to the stairs
Modifying the bathroom
Creating a wet-room / roll-in shower

12. Who paid for the adaptations that have already been made ? (select all that apply)


13. Problems outside my home. These may relate to where I live and how hard it is to get to important places (select all that apply)


14. I have asked RBWM council for help (select all that apply)

NeverThis yearLast few yearsLonger ago
Advice on adapting my home
Adapting my home
A home that meets my needs

15. RBWM council responded to my request


16. I would also like you to know...

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