Copy of Rough Sleeping, Begging, and Associated Anti-Social Behaviour on Marylebone High Street Ward

1. Thank you for conducting this Metropolitan Police Survey
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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. After a period of police activity It is always important to get your views to see if our work has had the desired impact.

When completing the survey, please consider the questions within the context of the ward of Marylebone High Street specifically. This is the locality contained within the borders of Gloucester Place, Marylebone Road, Harley Street, and Oxford Street. Please note that the ward does not include Oxford Street itself.

The survey is completely anonymous. However, should you wish to share your personal experiences of rough sleeping, begging, and associated anti-social behaviour with us then please email PC Jamie Grocott at We are always interested in your experiences of any crime-related issue and personal accounts are invaluable when trying to understand the impact a particular issue is having on the community.
Please also remember that any crime-related issue can be reported free of charge through the telephone number 101. In an emergency, always call 999. These calls will come to the attention of your local neighbourhood police.  

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